Di Office

Outsourced administrative office of the enterprise

Di Office provides a lean and flexible workspace for startups, small companies, and freelancers.

Di Office does all the office administrative work on behalf of businesses, helping businesses to work anywhere, anytime and the way they want.

Main products and services

Office administrative services

Provide the address where the company’s headquarters is located. Mount the sign. Accompanied by reception services, reception hall, meeting room, kitchen, mail delivery, document preparation, transaction representative…

Provide document editing services, document preparation, document preparation, basic design, law secretarial … serving the business of enterprises.

Business Registration

Consulting on choosing the name, industry, location of the company, legal issues. Prepare business registration documents, tax registration, bank account registration, digital signatures, electronic invoices…

Manage accounting books

Consulting on tax matters. Manage accounting books, arrange accounting documents. Tax reporting on time. Reviewing accounting books. Resolving tax debt cases…

Ask for a child’s license

Consulting and applying for sub-licenses such as: Chemical business license, Education license, Food safety certificate, Transport business license…

Brand design

Logo design, brand identity design. Consulting on naming and trademark protection. Consultancy on design of portfolios. Website design and management of online communication channels.

Business Development

Support enterprises to develop business networks: Join activities of associations and associations. Search and develop relationships with referrers. Development of business tools.

Professional training

Organize short-term training classes on business skills. Training in practical accounting skills on real data. Organize seminars to share experiences of experienced people.

Online bidding consultancy

  • Advising on conditions for making tender documents.
  • Contractor registration, digital certificate registration.
  • Completing capacity profiles, compiling business information, personnel, equipment, contracts…
  • Search and track packages of business interest.
  • Prepare bid documents according to the standards of the bid solicitor.
  • Fill out the information on the online bidding form.
  • Ensure the process is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the law.